Happy First Day of Spring! 🌸🕊🌸

Also, there’s a few things I wanted to share on how I feel about this pandemic.

The MEDIA IS TERRIBLE. They just want to continue to scare the hell out of you by constantly beating into your head these huge global numbers of infected cases and rising death numbers, prompting hysteria and panic buying. But they NEGLECT to report any kind of related good news – like clinical trials currently going on testing for a vaccine and the progress they’re making. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) administered the vaccine to healthy participants 3 days ago in Seattle. Affected areas in China that were in lock down are now out and back to normal living, because a Japanese drug called favipiravir appears to be effective in treating the coronavirus. Some companies are now offering delivery of coronavirus testing kits. These are all the things the Media BLANTANTLY IGNORES to report to bring any kind of hope to people. All they care about is create panic so people will tune in to listen to their crap or click on their ads. If we all could just re-focus our attention back into scientific facts and follow the progress, we would feel so much better about everything.

WHY IS QUARANTINE SO BAD? I don’t understand why people are treating this like it’s horrible, like we’re prisoners in our own home. Did we forget the saying “Home is where the heart is”? Home is where love is. Love, comfort, safety. Everything you need. Honestly, I don’t feel like anything has changed at all. Even when I had a corporate job, I was always so excited every time I could work from home. No waking up early, no fighting in traffic, no dealing with co-workers, no enduring awkward hallway passings and small talks, no time-wasting meetings, etc. I was way more productive at home than the office. Why can’t everyone just embrace this and use this time to practice the 3 R’s: Reset, Relax, Reflect. (OK I just made that up by you get the point.) There is no reason to feel like your life has been turned upside down. Your great-grandparents got sent to war. We’re not. All we’re being asked to do is stay home. OUR HOME. Why is that so scary? I’m just trying to simplify this so you can see this is really nothing.

“Don’t wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain.” -Steve Rizzo