Gosh, where do I start with these cuties’ engagement session!

We had planned an outdoor shoot, but it was going to rain. So we decided to maybe do it at their AirBnB place (they’re in town from New York!) or a trendy coffee place. When our time rolled around, the rain had stopped! I told them ‘Hey! maybe we can pull it off outside after all!’ I decided last minute on one of my favorite spots and so we all started driving there. I got there first, and lo and behold, I found out the park was closed!! Nooo! Why is this happening! I panicked, because we were losing daylight, and being that they’re not in town a lot, rescheduling wasn’t an option. So I called and told them I’ll drive around the area to see if there’s any place we can shoot in and then do a Google Maps Share Location. Good thing they still had about 20 more minutes to go, giving me some time to scout. I drove around like a maniac, looking left and right to try and find any hint of a pretty or even “doable” spot.

Well, as luck would have it, I stumbled across a beautiful field right across from a high school! I couldn’t believe it! So I parked on the street, climbed up a little hill to check it out, and… it was perfect! So much greenery, with a hilly backdrop, and a few wildflowers here and there. It was a miracle! But soon as we climbed and got onto the field, we realized the ground was soft and muddy! Almost every step we took, we were sinking. I had so many ideas in my mind to try, but I couldn’t do half of them just because of the sinky ground. Lol! BUT these two were TROOPERS and they rocked it like champs. Even with so much mud on all our shoes, we still had a lot of fun laughing with each other the entire time. Their goofy personalities made it so easy for me to photograph them. You can tell from the photos below that they didn’t have a care in the world but laugh with each other all the way through.