California Governor issued an executive order today for a “shelter in place” law that will go in effect at midnight. We can’t leave our house except for essential reasons, like food or health related activities, and can’t have social gatherings of more than 10 people. We are to quarantine ourselves and practice social distancing to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus, or “flattening the curve” as they’re calling it.

So…basically, my entire life has been one giant quarantine; therefore, nothing has changed. 😂

Even restaurants and coffee shops have been ordered to limit to take-out orders only. This also changes nothing for me because I pretty much only leave my house to get coffee and food. 😆 As a wedding photographer, I get to work from the comfort of my own home on most days. So with all this hubbub about not being able to go anywhere, do anything – I’m just over here like, “it’s just another Tuesday.” 😂

I think a lot of people are really over-reacting over this whole thing. They’re all acting panicky, all scared over god-knows-what. I mean, really, how will they actually enforce this law? Will the government send someone to follow you around to see where you’re going is “essential” like getting food? My friend from the Bay Area, where the shelter-in-place law went into effect first, told me a few days ago that when he called the city to report a social gathering at his place, the person on the phone told him, “there’s really nothing we can do about it. Is there some place you can go?” What!? My friend replied, “Well, then, *I’d* be the one breaking the law!” So, yeah, I’m not kidding when I say even the city itself can’t enforce a law they just put in place. So why is everyone freaking out?

It’s really the government’s way of saying “have some common sense and stay home to protect yourself and others.” It’s annoying that something like this has to be said, in order to “scare” people into doing common sense! I just hate the fact that some people feel their life has been turned upside down just because they’re being asked to stay home. Like I said in my previous post, self-quarantining isn’t a bad thing! Just chill out, people.