Due to a statewide ban of social gatherings to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, all of my March and April weddings have been postponed till later this year. I’m not complaining at all because my clients’ health comes first. Always. I am just thankful that these are only postponements and not cancellations. 🙏🏻💞 I can’t even imagine the stress my couples are going through scrambling to reschedule their venue & all their vendors. I will be more than happy to transfer your Retainer Payment to a different date. Just know that I’m here to help any way I can to ease the process. 🤗

And this is just a friendly reminder that in these times of uncertainty, small businesses are the ones suffering the most. We are experiencing a major loss of income because of this. As our livelihoods depend on it, please kindly try your best to reschedule your event rather than cancel. Most vendors will be more than likely to work with you on a new date without any kind of penalties. We are all in this together, so we should all support one another any way we can.

You are not alone. 💓