Who wouldn’t want to get married in a luxurious and dreamy mansion, right in the middle of America’s favorite zip code, Beverly Hills, 90210?

This luxury styled wedding shoot was photographed at the Greystone Mansion, a famous estate used in countless movies, TV shows, music videos including X-Men, Arrow, and Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” guest-starring my all-time favorite gorgeous actor, Wentworth Miller!

The shoot has it all – a dreamy location, pretty details, a lacy gown, and all the bright coordinated Spring time colors. My favorite spot at this Tudor Revival Mansion has to be the English garden lined with tall cypress trees that surely evokes a sense of elegance. The old English architecture resembles that of a castle and that walking through it would definitely make you feel like royalty. To say that I am swooned over the imagery I’ve captured is an understatement.